Our Editorial Guidelines

Profiles posted on African Law Experts

Any profile of a Lawyer or Law Firm listed shall include:

  • The Name of the Lawyer and or Law Firm
  • Practice Jurisdiction(s)
  • Areas of Practice/Expertise
  • Experience (brief highlights)
  • Brief Education Background and language proficiency and/or Law Firm’s background.

Writing Articles for JuriAfrica:

Format for Judicial Chronicles published on JuriAfrica in French or English.

  • Judgment/Case Reference: identify the judgment or quote the reference for the judgment under scope.
  • Introduce the Parties Involved: name/state the parties involved in the particular matter/suit/application/case for which the judgment is delivered.
  • Introduce the Principle of Law/Legal Principle: state/give the principle of law sought to be highlighted from the judgment.
  • Brief background of the Case:give a very brief background of the case, exposing the facts that occasioned the judgment.
  • Application of the Principle of Law/Legal Principle:give/state/quote how the principle of Law highlighted was applied in the Judgment. This should conclude the article.


  • To write on a Judicial Chronicle for publication, please read the judgment/ruling in point to identify Legal Principle(s)/Principle(s) of Law espoused by the judgment or introduced by the judgment.
  • Get a grasp of the background facts leading to the judgment.
  • Proceed to draft your work with the Legal Principle/Principle of Law as the theme.
  • Touch on the background Facts necessitating the judgment/ruling.
  • Conclude your work with the Application of the Legal Principle/Principle of Law by the Court (Judge/adjudicating Authority) in the judgment.
  • It is very important to identify the Parties in the Case/Application/Suit in your work.
  • Note that there may be several Legal Principles/Principles of Law espoused by any particular judgment but it is your duty to identify the most interesting Principle(s) to form the theme of your work(s).

Format for Regulatory Briefs published on JuriAfrica in French or English.

  • Introduce the Law: quote the official reference and state/give an introduction of the Legislation/Regulation/Decree/Law that has been Passed or promulgated.
  • Identify the Objective(s) of the Law: state/give the purpose(s) for which the law has been passed or promulgated.
  • Framework of the Law: state/give the outline of or for the law.
  • Conclusion: State the target of the law or briefly state what the law seeks to achieve or summarize the goal of the law.

Notes on Regulatory Briefs:

  • Identify the Official Reference for the Legislation/Regulation/Decree/Law passed or promulgated.
  • It is very important to quote the exact Official Reference in your work as per (supra)
  • Read the Law to identify the Objective or Purpose of the Law which must be stated in your work.
  • Read the law also to ascertain the outline of the Law so you may indicate this in your work.
  • Read to get a clear understanding of the target or goal of the Law and conclude your work with this.
  • Note that your work for publication must be very concise with no more than 350 words. However, clarity of thought and expression must not be lost in your work.