Transform your Profile into an Ad!

Your business or professional profile can be turned into an instant ad  during searches on our directory. This means you can transform your profile into an ad that will appear ON TOP of search results in our directory!

What are the benefits?

Show your profile to customers searching for a specific category, tag (keyword) or feature in a specific location. For example, if John is searching for lawyers in San Jose CA, then your profile will appear as an ad on top of the list of search results, but only if you happen to be offering Photography service in San Jose. This will allow your profile to appear first or among the top profiles being displayed in search results, in a way that is similar to Google’s sponsored results.

How to Sign Up

The service is available to individuals or firms who already have an active profile and account in our directory.


STEP 2: After claiming a profile or after login in and/or creating a profile as describe above, go to your Dashboard in your account and click the “Start a New Campaign” link under the :Ad Campaign menu.

STEP 3: Select Ads Type (Price and Position). There are different Ads packages, each with different location and price:

  1. Show Random Ads:
 This ad option allows your Ad to appear in non-directory pages. The ads, thus, will appear randomly on  the NON-Directory pages throughout the site, such as Home, About us, Contact us, etc.
  2. Show Details Page Ads:
 These ads are visible in the blocks that are shown on detail pages on the bottom right corner of the right sidebar.
  3. Show ads in Search & Taxonomy: 
These are the ads that promote your profile and transform it into an Ad that will be shown in the search results and category listing pages. This specific type of ads will appear on top of the search results that match your profile content.

STEP 4: Select Payment Type. There may be multiple payment options available (Incl. PayPal, Stripe, etc.)

Once the payment is completed, your profile will begin to appear in search results and you ad can go live!